Dental Art Group

Dental Art Group includes three companies: Dental Art Spa, Rossicaws Srl and Interprod Spa.
Dental Art and Rossicaws operate in the medical/dental furniture industry and in the dental/chemical lab while Interprod works with plastics thermoforming.
In addition, there’s D’Sign, an industrial design research&development laboratory that operates with both group companies and external multi-sector customers.


Dental Art, Rossicaws and Interprod share decades of experience, values and a strong connection with environment, families and people who contribute every day to create and improve our products.

Dental Art Spa

Since 1973 Dental Art has been designing and manufacturing cabinets and laboratory for the dental industry.


Design, materials, attention to safety and hygiene and maniacal attention to detail, are the distinctive characteristics of the company and its products, strictly “designed & made in Italy”. All this, combined with the ability to satisfy every specific need with highly customized solutions, allows the company to have a leading role in the international dental sector over the years.


Dental Art operates in Germany with Dental Art Deutschland GmbH, a company entirely dedicated to the German business.

Rossicaws Srl

For more than 50 years Rossicaws operates in Italy and in more than 20 countries, Rossicaws plays an important role in the dental industry thanks to its history and ability to grow with its mission: providing quality products with a range of solutions, meeting the needs of dental practices and laboratories.

Interprod SpA

Interprod works in the thermoforming industry of plastic materials since 1992. Found to furnish the medical field, during the years Interprod has expanded and diversified its services, meeting several sector’s needs, such as refrigeration, automotive and leisure, dental and medical, industrial and snow-making machines.


Every product comes from an idea.


D’Sign can be described as an ideas incubator. It is an industrial design laboratory that gathers the experience and expertise of Dental Art and Interprod, the former being leader in the dental medical sector and the latter realising thermoformed plastic components, and where the two companies are supported by an inner multidisciplinary design team.


D’Sign designs all Dental Art and Rossicaws products, but also some Interprod projects where a design consultancy is required. D’Sign collaborates with other companies, developing customized projects and products.