Atena is the specific line for sterilization rooms that makes any professional’s workflow much more fluid thanks to modular systems and colour codes.

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Hygiene and protocol compliance where they are most needed

Atena is the specific line for sterilization rooms that ensures the highest levels of hygiene and protocol compliance. Its modular system fits into any sterilization room and can be combined to create many configurations that complement Rossicaws cabinet lines.

C O L O U R . C O D E S

How can a sterilization protocol become more intuitive?

O P E R A T I O N A L . A R E A S

Modularity and Effectiveness make a perfect match

Any module plays a specific role throughout the sterilization protocol, starting from infected materials collection, followed by cleaning and disinfection, and finishing with sterile instruments storage. Autoclave and thermosealing machine column sets the border between dirty and clean areas, and accessories hanging from the splashback panel maximise the worktop space. Has the workflow of your sterilization room ever been so fluid before?

A T E N A . L I N E

One line. Multiple configurations.

Please find below the Atena sterilization line catalogue.

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